Storage Bins

As a new sewer, I’ve learned that the one thing I can’t seem to get enough of (besides fabric!) is storage. I’m always looking for nifty solutions that corral all of my notions and look cute in my sewing nook. These little bins are perfect for that and for so much more (think jewelry, office supplies, makeup, plastic utensils on a picnic table, candy, dog treats, etc, etc).  They’re a perfect project for fat quarters or scraps.  And the beauty is that the size can easily be adjusted if say you wanted a bigger one to hold your mail, remotes, or hair brushes. 

Here’s a basic overview of the project.  If you need more details on any of the steps, please feel free to email me or ask the wonderful ladies at Murray’s for help.

Supplies to make one bin:

Exterior fabric (cut a 16 x 8 rectangle)

Lining fabric (cut a 16 x 8 rectangle)

Fusible fleece or interfacing of your choice (cut one 16 x 8 rectangle)



Fuse the interfacing to the exterior fabric.

Fold each rectangle in half, right sides together, short sides lined up.

Sew the side seam and the bottom seam, leaving the top open.  I use the edge of my presser foot as a seam allowance.

Press seams open.

Cut a 1 ½ inch box out of each bottom corner.  Make sure you’re measuring from the seams you just sewed, not necessarily the raw edge.

Box the corners.

Once you’ve done that to both rectangles, place the lining inside the exterior right sides together. Sew along the top leaving a 3 inch gap for turning.

Turn right side out. I then used steam-a-seam or a little misty fuse to close the gap.  Top stitch along the top.

Fold over your cuff, and voila!  Note it’s also reversible!

In the meantime, please give me a shout if you have questions, ideas or tips of your own you’d like to share. Let’s make this a forum to share and inspire!

Marci Tyldesley is a publicist, sewer, beach bum and dog nut living in Brewster.  She’s also the owner of The Nauset Stitch Company, producing nautical beach bags, totes and other accessories.  Find her on Facebook at


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