Our Staff


Donna Mayo – Orleans, MA (native)

I have worked for Murray’s for 37 years. I started sewing when I was in high school, making clothing. Over the years I have done prom and christening gowns, along with figure skating costumes. I have gotten into quilting and love putting colors together. I also like to find interesting patterns and change them into my own. I own several Janome machines, but my primary machine is the Janome 11000.


Sunny Saylor – Eastham

Been sewing for 69 years, working at Murrays for 7 years. Specialty is “stack and whack” quilts. Uses a Viking Sapphire 930 and Janome 3160. Member of the Bayberry Quilters and Cape Cod Quilters. Teaches beginners quilting and other classes.

Sunny’s Latest Classes: http://murraysfabrics.com/event/machine-inset-circles/


Maureen (Mo) Fettig – Brewster

Has worked at Murray’s for 4 1/2 years. My mother taught me to sew and gave me my first sewing machine as a college graduation gift. I continued that tradition, buying a new one from Murray’s for my daughter at her graduation. By then, my machine had become problematic, and hers was a dream to use. So I treated myself to a new Janome 2010. I started to enjoy sewing so much again, that 4 months later I applied at Murray’s.

Mo’s Latest Classes: http://murraysfabrics.com/event/kids-sewing-pillow-case/


Betty Simpson – Eastham

I have worked at Murray’s for the past 10 years. I am a hand quilter and have taught quilting classes here at the store. I have designed some of my own quilts. One is my Cape Cod Quilt. I have enjoyed years here at Murray’s. Helping our customers choose their fabrics for their projects makes my day. Our loyal, long-time, friendly customers are wonderful to serve. I sew every chance I get. I am mostly a quilter. When my children were young I did sew some of their clothing. I piece quilts during the day and hand quilt in the evening. I own a Janome 6600 and a Janome 3160. I love the 6600 with the Accufeed feet. I do all my piecing on this machine. The 3160 is a lightweight machine and is wonderful for small projects, traveling, and classes. Patterns are available for sale by contacting me at simpson-kieth@comcast.net


Kate Williamson – Orleans

Hand sewing for 19 years, machine sewing since beginning of 2015. Began at Murrays this past February. Also serves as website liaison. Uses an older Necci and Janome 3160


Joyce Emond – Formerly from Taunton, MA for 39 years, as of this August, now a full time resident of N. Eastham

Has been sewing since high school. Not a quilter yet, but has done many home decor and clothing items, such as curtains, pillows, chair upholstery, place mats, duvet covers, dresses, tops, skirts and jackets.