Hi, my name is Marci and I’m a work in progress sewer (like most of us, I suppose)! By day I’m a publicist, but I moonlight with my Janome and have pipe dreams about doing less publicizing and more sewing. In the meantime, I’ve got a little biz called The Nauset Stitch Company and am keeping busy with the craft fair circuit, selling my creations at local stores, continuing to hone my skills, and trying to control this new fabric hoarding disorder (no one warns you about that when you start sewing, do they?). A few things you’ll probably find out along the way if you read this blog. I love Cape Cod and all things nautical. I love dogs! And I really love to make bags!

Like most of us, my list of “things I want to make” grows longer by the day, but I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn as I tick things off the list. I’m certainly no expert, but I work with some AMAZING teachers from Murray’s on a regular basis, so I’ve got some real pros behind me…they are the best resources for us sewers here on little Cape Cod and I’ll be sure to share their tips and tricks along the way.

In the meantime, please give me a shout if you have questions, ideas or tips of your own you’d like to share. Let’s make this a forum to share and inspire!

Marci Tyldesley is a publicist, sewer, beach bum and dog nut living in Brewster.  She’s also the owner of The Nauset Stitch Company, producing nautical beach bags, totes and other accessories.  Find her on Facebook at